At Green Eye Tattoo Parlour, booking with us is simple! 

You can arrange your free consultation or tattoo appointment with us over the phone, by e-mail or dropping by the studio! 


If you wish to make a booking with us, we will require a INR 500 deposit to secure your appointment. 

This will come off the final price/session of your tattoo. 


Any bookings made without a deposit will be provisional only. 

This means that the appointment space till your deposit has been paid will be open to others. 


How Do I Pay the Deposit? 

You can pay your deposit (NON REFUNDABLE) either by coming in to the studio and dropping it off in cash, or alternatively, if you head over to the "bookings" section on our website, you'll find instructions on how to pay your deposit via Pay-Pal. 

If you choose to pay online, you will receive a confirmation e-mail shortly after containing your appointment details. 


Please do not make a deposit payment online without first contacting the studio to arrange an appointment. 



What If I Miss My Appointment? 

Deposits are "NON REFUNDABLE" .If you fail to attend your appointment without given warning (see cancellation policy below), your deposit will be lost and You'll lose a chance to reschedule. A new one will be required to make another booking.  


What is Your Cancellation Policy? 

We require a minimum of 48 hours notice when cancelling a bookiNG. Deposits are "NON REFUNDABLE", however you have 48 hours to reschedule  your booking in case of a change of plans. You can only reschedule once.

Cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice will result in a loss of deposit and a chance to reschedule a new booking.


I Need To Re-schedule, What Do I Do? 

To re-schedule your appointment, please notify us a minimum of 48 hours before the appointment. 

Appointments attempted to be re-scheduled after the 48 hour notice period will result in a loss of deposit and a new one will be required to re-book. 


I Want To Book a Consultation- Do I Need to Pay a Deposit? 

Never! Our consultation service is always free of charge. 

Whilst you are welcome to drop by the studio to discuss any ideas you may have, if there is a specific artist you wish to speak with, we always advise on making a consultation- just so you aren't kept waiting around too long if they're busy! 


To book a consultation, you can either do so by calling, e-mailing or dropping by the shop. 

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